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The team at Ampfab have many years experience in the bespoke design, manufacture and installation of bespoke designed and built storage solutions for a wide variety of markets, with particular specialty in the museums and art handling sectors.

From initial on-site consultation right through the design process and onto manufacture and installation, Ampfab can handle the entire storage solution project or any part of it. Why not contact our team for professional advice today.

+44 161 620 7250

+44 161 620 7251


Ampfab Ltd.

Sun Iron Works, Ward Street, Chadderton

Oldham, OL9 9EX

The Ampfab Ethos

Ampfab – Art Gallery & Museum Professional Fabricators

The Ampfab team are very proud to put into practice the Ampfab ethos and their many years experience of designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of Art Gallery and Museum storage equipment including, but certainly not limited to, art handling trolleys and trucks, art and artefact storage systems both mobile and static.

The Ampfab Ethos – honestate et integritate super omnes

“It seems to me that business is far more complicated than it used to be; endless choices and options, everyone claiming to be the best. I don’t want all these choices; what I want is the best possible option for me at a price that offers me value and meets my needs.
I suppose we would have to call ourselves old fashioned in our outlook, but it is this ethos that forms the culture and modus operandi of Ampfab”
Adam Beck – Director

What we imagine….

Big Business Ethos: All suppliers are just out to make a profit and do not really care about the customer.
The Ampfab Ethos: Without the customer our business would not exist therefore the needs of our customers are paramount, it isn’t rocket science!
Big Business Ethos: Most companies just want your money and are not interested afterwards.
The Ampfab Ethos: A business that leaves debris in its wake cannot sustain longevity and it is therefore in our best interest to ensure as much attention is given to all our customers; past and present and future.
Big Business Ethos: No business can be trusted to act honestly; they just are not built that way.
 The Ampfab Ethos: We set out to build trust between your company and ours. We are honest and trustworthy, of course every company needs profit to survive, but not at the cost of integrity and genuine ethics.